Executive Committee
President                          Deb King
Vice President                  Ron Meehan
2nd Vice President           Lauri Kelland
Secretary                          Viv Mulhall
Treasurer                         Ralph Gioiosa
Membership Chair           Maureen Regan
Building Reresentatives
WHS                                Siran Tamakian and Joan Warnock
WMS                               Brian Donato and Eleanor Donato
Cunniff                            Christine Rono
Hosmer                           Susan Bellis and Christine Kennedy
Lowell                             Dotty Buonomo and Anthony Spano
PreSchool                        Tina Cobuccio
Unit D
WHS                                Donna Maher
WMS                               AnnMarie Carey
President                         Deb King
VP                                    Ron Meehan
Unit D                              Patricia Powers
Cunniff                            Judy Kearney
Hosmer                           Beth Fried
Lowell                             Diane Centofanti
WHS                                Charlie Duggan
WMS                               Dan Cedrone
Nurse                              Joan Corkery
Negotiation Team
Deb King
Ron Meehan
Charlie Duggan
Dan Cedrone
Viv Mulhall
Donna Maher
Jason DelPorto
Brendan Sharkey

'Something magical happens when you bring together a group of people from different disciplines with a common purpose.'
                           Mark Stefik - Palo Alto Research Centre Fellow